By Hand Delivery Service in India

Low-priced courier service on same day in most of the cities of India!
Place your order without registering, Fastest delivery service with lowest delivery charge
90 min
We deliver your parcel ASAP
or at your mentioned time
Send documents, products, flowers, any parcels
₹ 40
Start from ₹ 44/-
in all major cities
and ₹ 8 per KM
₹ 100
Refer Your Friends
Earn Rs 100/- on Every Refer
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Download the app and all couriers will be at your hand

In any free minute, create new orders and monitor the implementation of already created.

Why choose us?
  • Delivery partners are local delivery partners. We assign nearest and high rated delivery partner to pickup package from one location to deliver another location.
  • There is not any extra charges upto weight 10 Kg. You have COD option also.
  • Offers many types of delivery services such as buying from the store, and multi-point deliveries!
  • You can choose schedule pickup and delivery time slot. You can choose what types of deliveries you want. We are happy to serve our customers.
  • Just place an order in a min without creating accounts or signing. You are also able to online track the delivery person.
  • After assigning delivery person, you can see delivery person profile with name, phone number and profile image.
Available delivery options
Cheap delivery
Cheap delivery
Match special requirements
Match special requirements
Moto delivery
Moto delivery

Why do you choose By Hand Delivery (BHD) for parcel delivery?

Oh god! I forgot to carry my essentials with me. Who will go this far now? Sometimes there is not enough time to travel to post a parcel. Or sometimes there is no one to bring you the goods in your rush times. Now, give your mind a relief to use BHD parcel delivery app in your city.

By Hand Delivery (BHD) offers a variety of delivery services to meet the demands of all individuals, including EVERYTHING! That means, it’s an easy way for you to send a parcel to your city without any hassle. Let's now discuss how you can do that.

What is BHD for parcel delivery?

When a package is picked up from one location and transported to another location - from the sender's hand to the receiver's hand - this logistics technique is known as By-hand delivery (BHD).It's an easy way for you to send parcels to your city without any hassle. Usually, hand-shipping the parcel is one of the easiest ways. When you select the BHD service your product will be collected and immediately delivered to that location. It has now become the fastest option for parcel delivery the layman's language, You do not have to use any postage or visit your neighborhood postal service. Your package will be picked up from your place by a delivery partner and delivered to the right place. By using this app, you can send any item to avoid leaving your home or current location, finding a suitable post office, and misplacing your parcel. By Hand Parcel Delivery App will take care of everything for you! Your package will be collected and handed over by them to its designated location. This is what "By Hand Delivery" does.

What are the advantages of using BHD for parcel delivery?

Send parcel to Delhi and smooth your daily life using BHD's parcel delivery services in your locality. Apart from saving your time, this delivery option also enables you to avoid leaving your home to visit the courier shop. Simply enter your order information and approve the dispatch. In short, BHD delivery gives you comfort and frees you from your extra work. Avail our hassle free hyper local delivery for courier not only in Delhi but also in Mumbi, Chennai, Kolkata and in all major cities of India.

Same day parcel delivery in 30 minutes

Delivering your goods using this worry-free delivery service is a perfect option in your limited duration. Normally, postal services are unable to promise same-day deliveries, but BHD can. It offers many types of delivery services such as buying from the store, and multi-point deliveries!

Perfectly combine value with money

You may be surprised by the cost of postal services when you compare it with the cost you would spend on wasteful charges to deliver your parcel. Even though by-hand delivery is more affordable than the post office, it is still more reasonable than doing its own.

Our Flexibility

You can use BHD in your daily routine as it is always active even on week offs. However, BHD is a perfect choice for you if you find yourself in an emergency and you want your delivery to be on a next-day basis.

Why do you choose By Hand Delivery (BHD)?

If you are in a crowded city like Pune with the rainy season, how will you send parcel to pune locality? Pune is the city where there are many outsiders for education, job. Because the city is the center of good academics and opportunities. It has become overcrowded due to the influx of people from outside cities. Because of this, if someone has to courier something or buy some household items, then they do not have enough time to go out and do such things. So By Hand Delivery service has just saved some moments of your life for you.

Let us now dispel your fears and clarify why the parcel delivery India was made for you.

Delivery partners are local delivery partners: BHD is tied up with local delivery partners who are involved in every city in your local area. They assign the most nearly and well-rated delivery partner to pick up packages from one area and deliver them to another. So that the delivery partner can collect your order and transport it at your given time.

Appropriate facilities for overweight parcels: You will have enough access to deliver up to 10 kg. In short, in any courier service, if the parcel weighs more than 1 kg, then the charges increase immediately. Whereas through the BHD app or website you can send any parcel and order any item like groceries, medicines, or anything like that up to 10 kg weight on the same amount.

COD options are also available: COD is an acronym used in logistics. That means a Change of Destination. When the wrong address was entered and your delivery partner has already collected your order. Nothing to worry about; by using the COD option which will be given access on the BHD app, you can change the destination of the shipment.

Offers a variety of delivery services: Utilize local logistics services in your city from By Hand Delivery so that you can spend more time enjoying the moment rather than running out to buy groceries or medicines. Using BHD's app or website, you can access our services with ease. BHD delivery service that can speedily deliver the items from your wish list to your place after collecting them.

Customized schedule pickup and delivery time slot: BHD for parcel delivery Mumbai can be customized as per your convenience through features like custom delivery timings. Your parcel can be delivered ASAP or at the time specified by you.

Track your order: When you transfer a package or order anything online, such as grocery, clothing, or anything else, you receive a tracking detail that allows you to follow the status of your item. You can feel safe and worry free using this concept so that you can monitor the status from your existing place without moving or calling.

Proper identification of the delivery partner: Once the delivery person has been assigned, you may check their profile, which includes their name, contact information, and profile photo.